The #FFProject is born on G+

The Flash Fiction Project is a place for lovers of writing and reading to come together and share pieces of flash fiction based on shared inspiration. The subject matter for the inspiration will vary, as will the schedule for new posts to be posted, but the common thread is using shared inspirational items as a prompt for writing and sharing.

Writers can choose to participate as many or as few days as they would like, just by linking their work in the comments section of the prompt’s thread.  Some folks concerned about copyright have written in their personal blogs and just added a link in a comment to each post.

Each day in November of 2011, the project featured a visual image provided by a photographer or visual artist on Google +.  Links to each post are listed below:

Day 1   Cute puppy face – image by +Evelyn Lamprey

Day 2   Face under water – image by +Danielle Tunstall

Day 3  Painted tree roots – image by +Holly Friesen

Day 4  Castle ruins – image by +Eoghann Irving

Day 5  Man on a building – image by +Dave Beckerman

Day 6  Curiouser collage – image by +Ardith Goodwin

Day 7  Coffee shop guitar – image by +Rich Griffith

Day 8  KittenLily Day – image by +Danielle Tunstall

Day 9  Rusted Chevy – image by +Evelyn Lamprey

Day 10  Standing on a sphere – image by +Geoffrey Demarquet

Day 11  The world in ice – image by +David Grigg

Day 12   Room falling apart – image by +Steve Hale

Day 13  The wall – image by +Tomas Nilsson

Day 14  Cowgirl – image by +Donna Earnhardt

Day 15  Speed paint – image by +Cliff Roth

Day 16  Horses in the mist – image by +Carolyn Branch

Day 17  Rusted faucet – image by +Eoghann Irving

Day 18   Boy in the sunset – image by +Eric Olofson

Day 19  Tunnel graffiti – image by +Bruce Denis

Day 20   Buddha – image by +Amy Bewersdorf

Day 21  Dance recital – image from +Sarah Sammis

Day 22  Building reflection – image by +Brenda Stumpf

Day 23  Boy’s eye – image by +Danielle Bowers

Day 24  Mini ninjas – image by +Amy Gabriel

Day 25  Shack in the desert – image by +Kat Folland

Day 26  Child with wooden bars – image by +Lesley Scott

Day 27  Camera on a train – image by +Kelly-Shane Fuller

Day 28  Ancient hallway – image by +Trey Ratcliff

Day 29  Moon – image by +Katherine Garrahan

Day 30  Crowded bus – image by +Dave Beckerman


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