The Flash Fiction Project was founded by Becket Morgan on Google+ in November of 2011 as an alternative to National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Published and unpublished authors alike participated in the project sharing flash fiction based on a daily shared inspirational image.  Throughout 2012, images were shared via this blog and Google+ about twice per week, with occasional whirlwind months of flash fiction frenzy.

New in 2013 are week-long flash fiction adventures. Writers will create flash fiction based on seven daily images. At the conclusion of the week, each writer will choose their favorite work they created during the adventure and submit it to the Flash Fiction Project. All members of the Flash Fiction Project community on Google+ will vote for their favorite piece of flash and the winner will receive a work of fiction and their work will be shared here on this blog and on the communities page.

To respect the rights of photographers and artists, we typically select images made available via a Creative Commons Attribution License – essentially, you are welcome to use these images and add them to your own websites as long as you link back to the original image and give credit to the image creator.

Here’s How the Adventures Work:

  • Join the Flash Fiction Project community or follow this blog to keep up to date with the images. Announcements for the next adventure will be available both on the Google+ community, +Flash Fiction Project page, and here on the blog.
  • Sign up to participate by commenting on the relevant G+ post or click on Join the Project here on the blog. This is not a requirement, but it will help us keep track of the participants (and I find I’m more likely to follow through on something if I actually sign myself up for it!)
  • Each day when the image is posted here and on G+, use the image to create a piece of short fiction. Post your work wherever you like (on your G+ page, on your personal blog, etc) and share the work with the rest of the Flash Fiction Project community by adding a comment with a link to your story on the G+ post with the daily image.
  • Stay tuned and comment on your fellow writers’ work (constructive, positive feedback most welcome).
  • At the end of the week, all participants will be asked to choose one of their flash fiction submissions and I will share these pieces out with the whole FFP community. The community will vote to determine the winning submission and the winner will receive an e-book from one of the fabulous authors on G+! The winning submission will also be distributed far and wide to the FFP community.

Other Thoughts, Notes and Ideas

  1. Use the image posts as inspiration for you to write some kind of flash fiction.  Don’t worry if your writing doesn’t fit into the traditional definition of flash fiction (of course there’s some debate about a true definition of flash fiction anyway).  Write something based on the image – as short or as long as works for you.
  2. Prefer poetry?  Working on a novel? Feel free to use this project to inspire you in any way – the goal is to write and share with your fellow writers.
  3. Write on your own Google+ page and add a link to your post as a comment to the FFProject post (pro tip – right click on the time stamp of your G+ post to get the link to that post, then paste it into the FFProject as a comment)
  4. Write on your own blog or website and add a comment on the G+ page or here on the blog with a link to your post
  5. Click on “Join the Project” to add your blog / website information so you’ll show up in the blogroll

The Next Adventure:

Coming next is June Triple Challenge (June 2013).

Find Becket on the web!


Circle my page on Google +: +Flash Fiction Project

Email me: tinyhouseadventures[at]gmail[dot]com


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